Kyle’s Season

Here in our newest web show we take a look at Kyle Happley's deer season.  Kyle passes some good Michigan bucks and puts some backstraps on the ground.  Overall a successful season in our eyes.  Tag a long and come back to deer season with us here at Outdoor Devotion. https://youtu.be/6y_WOB3XOxw

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Chasing 200″

  At a young age, I became infatuated with the Whitetail Deer.  No rhyme or reasoning why.  My father had hunted some when I was younger, but his bow hunting career was short lived after a tree stand accident.  While growing up with this obsession, I can remember the first time I watched a filmed whitetail [...]

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First Elk – Montana 6 x 7

My Elk Hunting Story So we finally get to Montana.  Each day, my friend Todd and I hike from 5700 to 8400 feet to get top of the Mountain.  We were seeing lots of elk sign so we decide to do a morning set up up top, waiting for the elk to come through the [...]

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2 BUCKS, 1 DAY – Friday, the 13th

I took a few hours off work the morning of Friday the 13th, to hunt a small wood lot behind a friend’s relative’s house.  The only deer I saw was at 9am, which was a basket 8 pt.  Without hesitation, I took the shot he presented, and did my dance.  From the stand I knew shot was [...]

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BBD – Brian Sitka’s 2017 Giant MI Bow Buck

It was the evening of Friday the 13th, and I contemplated even going hunting because it was so warm out, but like I've heard a million times... "you can't shoot them on the couch!" So I grabbed my Mathews bow and went and sat in an elevated blind out behind my home, where I have good bucks [...]

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To Doe or not to Doe?

This question seems to present itself around this time every year, between you and your hunting buddies.  We try to analyze the buck to doe ratio on our properties and develop a management strategy for the season.  At a high level, increased ratios in an area can lead to a few problems.  The most prominent [...]

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Outdoor Devotion featured on Whitetail Rendezvous Podcast at ATA Show 2017

During the national ATA Show (Archery Trade Association) this month, Jared met up with Bruce Hutcheon of the Whitetail Rendezvous Podcast.  Bruce and Jared sat down and had a great discussion on the show, self-filming, what it means to film your hunt and how Outdoor Devotion was born.  Jared also told the story of his 2016 [...]

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Late Season Success – Tim’s Ohio 10

Trail cameras always make my decision easier.  We (myself and Ron Shoebridge) pulled in our farm in southern Ohio on Wednesday December 15th, with a blistering 5 degree cold front arriving about the same time.  The first thing on our list (after getting the furnace going in the camper) was to rebait and check the [...]

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Ohio Rut Hunt – Jared’s Bow Buck

THE RUT IS HERE!   Well the rut is, or almost is upon us, depending on who you ask.  Let's take a look back, to get fired up for this November.  Here is a video from November 8, 2015.  Jared Van Hees of Outdoor Devotion grunts in a great buck during his final morning hunt [...]

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Early Season 8 Point – Drew Connects On His Biggest Buck Yet

                                                      So about a week earlier, I got permission from a land owner to hunt his property in Mount Pleasant, MI...where I go to school.  That same day he drove me around, [...]

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Michigan 8 Point – Eric McKay Strikes Fast!

Read Eric's story below.  Congrats again brother - great Michigan 8 point!!!       "So I had this buck on my trail camera at 7:30 the day before opening day.  I knew he was coming in at somewhat close to the same time, so I went out opening morning.  I don't normally hunt this [...]

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