4 BUCKS, 1 SCRAPE with Buck Fever Synthetics

Outdoor Devotion's Brian Sitka puts out his Buck Fever Pre/Post Rut and Forehead Gland formula on September 29th.  Making a mock scrape with these 2 products is a deadly tactic. We strategically place these mock scrapes withing bow range of tree stand setups.  Check out the time stamp on the pictures and see why.  We [...]

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BUCK FEVER SYNTHETICS – New Outdoor Devotion Partner

The team at Outdoor Devotion is proud to announce that Buck Fever Synthetics has officially signed on with OD. "I have been using Jim's products since 2017.  They really work.  Mock scrapes haven't worked very well for me in the past, but after my 2017 results, I am all in.  It's all about the synthetic [...]

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Proposing New Michigan Deer Hunting Regulations

Possible new Michigan deer hunting regulations?  The Let Em Go - Let Em Grow movement has issued a new proposal today, which could do a few great things for our state. "These regulations are designed to reduce overall herd numbers where necessary, increase license revenues to the Department, keep hunters engaged and participating, streamline regulations [...]

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To Doe or not to Doe?

This question seems to present itself around this time every year, between you and your hunting buddies.  We try to analyze the buck to doe ratio on our properties and develop a management strategy for the season.  At a high level, increased ratios in an area can lead to a few problems.  The most prominent [...]

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Food Plot Screening for Access and Security

Better late than never I guess?  I hope so.  This was my first year putting in a "screen", and I was late getting it planted.  July 28th is when I finally got it in....about 30 days later than I wanted to. What is a screen?  A screen is a mix of annual seeds that can [...]

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New Hats!

Check out the new hats that just arrived!   Find them here:   http://outdoor-devotion.com/store/od-gear/

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New WEB-STORE Launched

Been waiting for a sweet looking T-shirt?  Well they're finally here.  (Menu in the upper left corner) Outdoor Devotion's EAT SLEEP HUNT shirts can be found by following the link below or by navigating through the menu in the upper left corner.  Check out the decals as well! http://outdoor-devotion.com/store/

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Slamming Kings Off Lake Michigan Piers

Summer is almost as good as fall....beaches, boats, fishing, warm weather, trail cameras, food plots..... and King Salmon. So far in July of 2015, Outdoor Devotion's good buddy Nick Van Heest has been slamming the fish off the piers in West Michigan.   There are a bunch of places where one can target these Salmon/Lake [...]

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Field Producer Shot List for Filming Your Hunts

If you are like us, and enjoy filming your hunts...check out the checklist in this post.  There are certain things you "need" when you are finished, to make a quality online episode or video production.  We were not trained on how to film hunts, but figured we can pass along what we have learned hoping to help [...]

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Michigan Morel Hunting

Here we are in the beginning of May, and it is just beautiful outside.  Along with this long awaited weather, food plot preparation, trout season and Spring turkey hunting, a delectable treat can be found in the woods.  The elusive Morel mushroom is starting to show itself. A few of our friends and team members have [...]

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South Dakota Whitetails

If you get a chance to hunt in South Dakota go.  Go now.  Go soon.  Go someday.  Period.  Chances are the game you want to hunt is afield in this great state and you can harvest a wall hanger.  Don't get me wrong, growing up a hunter in Michigan I'm not discounting what we have [...]

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Ice Fishing Saginaw River for Walleye

Well last week we decided to get out of town for the day, and try for some walleye through the ice.  We have been fishing around home for the last few weeks, and find ourselves wanting something bigger than a blue gill on the end of the line.  So last Tuesday, we headed to the Indy [...]

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2 bucks, 5 minutes!

"It was the last day of the Ohio gun season.  Sunday, December 7th, 2014.  I woke up late, and didn't make it to the property until around 7:30 A.M.  My brother-in-law(BIL) and I walked through the field, over the creek, past our bow stands to a ridge that overlooks a great funnel.  This funnel consists of a narrow strip [...]

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Awesome Self-filmed Michigan 8 Point Bow Hunt / MI Out-of-Doors Episode #1446

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TES_y_N-FoA It was October 10th, 2014.  Opening morning of Duck Season here in Michigan, and it seemed to be a perfect wind for my spot in Fowlerville.  I woke up at 515 AM, and headed out.  About 45 minutes later, I was all setup in the tree.  These first few hunts every year always seem like they take forever to [...]

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Daughter’s First Bow Hunt for Deer & Her Reaction

This is the best reaction we have seen in a long time!  Great video, and nice job Dad!  You are doing it right. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wBvWLVBXQ7g  

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Are you seeing any of your summer bucks this fall?

It is the rut..and for most hunters out there, right now is the best time to be in the stand.  It is no different for us. As we get ready for Michigan's opening day of rifle season this Saturday, I can't help but think about all the nice bucks we have on our trail cameras from [...]

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Should Tom have passed?

Here is a glimpse of a nice Michigan buck from Isabella County.  Team member Tom Anderman passed this buck at 18 yards from his ground blind.  Jared was lucky enough to capture this buck on film from a nearby stand, as he walked away to live another day in early October 2012.  Should Tom have [...]

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Thank You!

Thank you for visiting Outdoor-Devotion.com.  Please stop by regularly for season updates from the team, webisodes and noteworthy informational outdoor content.  Hang out as we upload our past content, getting all caught up to 2014!

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