It is the rut..and for most hunters out there, right now is the best time to be in the stand.  It is no different for us.

As we get ready for Michigan’s opening day of rifle season this Saturday, I can’t help but think about all the nice bucks we have on our trail cameras from earlier in the year.  I personally have not seen one of them from the stand.

Our first trip to our Ohio properties in late October was a bust, as we didn’t see 1 deer in 3 hunts. Unbelievable.  It could have been the warm weather, or the abundance of food in the area, but it happened.  After 3 summer trips down to scout, check cameras, hang stands and plant food plots, to say anticipation was high for this first trip would have been an understatement. I would have bet $1000 we wouldn’t have been skunked.

A couple of us were lucky enough to harvest bucks in Michigan last month, with only 1 of those bucks being captured on trail camera prior to bow season.  Casey harvested a great buck in Ohio last weekend (footage to come) but he hadn’t ever seen that deer before either.

Now with deer camp here, bow season in Michigan changes, and we hope to even the odds a little with the boom sticks.  Great meals and stories followed by Euchre with cheating Uncles cannot be beat. Seeing old friends and spending time with the family is what deer camp is about for us, and this weekend will be thoroughly enjoyed….but now I’m getting off on a tangent.

A few of us will be back after those Ohio bucks with our bows as soon as deer camp ends….and I can’t help but wonder if we will get to lay our eyes on one of the trail cam stars we’ve been staring at since June.


Have any of you had any encounters with your trail camera bucks yet this season?  I hope your luck is better than mine…

Feel free to post up your bucks on our FB!  And thank you for reading!