Keeping Clover Food Plot Clean & Weed Free

In this video Jordan explains how he treats his existing clover plots.  He uses a grass specific herbicide.  This method should kill all but the clover, keeping a nice green stand of vegetation.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YljMkjoWhWo&t=7s

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https://youtu.be/bcninHAm778 How to shed hunt for deer ? Jordan Hanks gives us a few tips in this informational video from February 2018. Jordan shows us where we should be walking, stomping and looking for big buck sheds. He lists a couple tips that would help any whitetail shed hunter.  

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Check out this fun weekend with the boys up at Houghton Lake, MI!  We targeted Northern Pike mainly, with some panfish on the side.   https://youtu.be/uQhJyh28v60    

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Kyle’s Season

Here in our newest web show we take a look at Kyle Happley's deer season.  Kyle passes some good Michigan bucks and puts some backstraps on the ground.  Overall a successful season in our eyes.  Tag a long and come back to deer season with us here at Outdoor Devotion. https://youtu.be/6y_WOB3XOxw

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Mark Drury Mapping Out a New Farm

The Drurys put out a great new video on DOD TV yesterday.  If you are anything like me, this gets you going.  Mark Drury purchases a new 120 acre Missouri farm, and documents his habitat plan and improvements.  The goal, like most of us, is mature deer and turkeys frequenting the farm during hunting season. This [...]

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BBD – Brian Sitka’s 2017 Giant MI Bow Buck

It was the evening of Friday the 13th, and I contemplated even going hunting because it was so warm out, but like I've heard a million times... "you can't shoot them on the couch!" So I grabbed my Mathews bow and went and sat in an elevated blind out behind my home, where I have good bucks [...]

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Steelhead Fishing Video – Huge Hen!

Dustin Shrum is after some more CHROME!  It is late March in West Michigan with we are with friends Aaron and Jesse.  Dustin lands his largest hen to date in this video.  Orange trout beads again today. Please SUBSCRIBE for our latest videos!  Thank you for watching.  #outdoordevotion https://youtu.be/QLON1McX5d4

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Spring Steelhead

Join us today in West Michigan as we chase some CHROME!     Please "Subscribe" on Youtube for more videos! Let's just say March was good to us!  Grabbed the camera and jumped in the boat with my friends Mike and Chad.  We ended up going 6 for 11 that day....which is a great day [...]

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Pike Spearing in Michigan

I have been talking about it for years.  Watched as many online videos, and Michigan Out of Doors episodes, as I could find.  Drew up the plans in my mind.  Even got some gear from my Dad.  I had the bug, but had never actually been Pike Spearing. Well 2017 on the ice was going to [...]

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Ice Fishing for Monster Pike

Drew Van Hees from Outdoor Devotion and his two buddies Corey and Tyler.....LIMITING OUT on Northern Pike! These boys caught some giant pike. Poor man's lobster is what we call it here at OD.  Great eating! They caught them on tip-ups using shiners in 30 FOW.  Jigging was also a technique they tried, but it did [...]

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Teaser – Chapter 3 – Outdoor Devotion

The season is 2/3's done and we have some great footage. Stay tuned!  Thank you very much for watching and supporting OD.   https://youtu.be/kBJlKxAG0pE

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Ohio Rut Hunt – Jared’s Bow Buck

THE RUT IS HERE!   Well the rut is, or almost is upon us, depending on who you ask.  Let's take a look back, to get fired up for this November.  Here is a video from November 8, 2015.  Jared Van Hees of Outdoor Devotion grunts in a great buck during his final morning hunt [...]

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OD Episode # 11 – That Happened Quick

Tag along with Rob Morrison as he tags an early season Michigan buck!  He shot this beautiful buck on October 2nd, 2016. Way to make it look easy Rob.  Congrats on the beautiful buck. Thanks for watching. Watch more hunts at www.Outdoor-Devotion.com https://youtu.be/l_qNH1bjoH8

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Food Plot with ATV Disc – Killer Food Plots

Watch to see how we used a simple small disc behind our 2wd ATV this past Labor Day weekend. We planted Killer Food Plots "Resurrection Clover" and "Deep Woods" on this particular farm. It didn't take long at all plant these plots....and was fairly simple. Visit http://www.killerfoodplots.com/ for all your food plot needs. Tell them Outdoor [...]

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Bucks – Public Land Inventory – Matt Wade

If you haven't heard about the "Northwest 13" counties in the current Northern MI APR zone, you should check them out....like now.  Here is a great spot to start. http://www.michigan.gov/dnr/0,4570,7-153-10363_10856_10905-317527--,00.html http://www.michigan.gov/documents/dnr/deer_apr_chart_469528_7.pdf These counties currently have mandatory antler point restrictions, giving the bucks a chance to grow up some.  Hunters have mixed feelings about other people [...]

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KILLER FOOD PLOTS – Newest Proud Partner of Outdoor Devotion

  Hey Guys - We are very excited today to tell you about our newest partner:  Killer Food Plots Here at Outdoor Devotion, we do not promote products that we do not believe in....simple as that.  I now personally know the owner, Nick Percy, and can say that "passion" is the first word that comes [...]

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Velvet Update

Here are a couple bucks on a MI new farm we picked up.  I checked these cameras right after the 4th of July, and right before a thunder storm.  These cameras sat for 5 weeks. Enjoy!  This gets me PUMPED for bow season.   Check out our hunts this Fall with Field Producers - Making The [...]

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Opening Day Michigan Buck – Public Land – OD Episode #9

Jared Van Hees from Outdoor Devotion fills his 1st 2015 Michigan buck tag on a great Montmorency County public land buck. This was self-filmed by Jared on opening day. (November 15, 2015) Thanks for watching! See more great hunts here at www.Outdoor-Devotion.com https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6cV5C-gNH1s

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OD Episode #8 – Doe Patrol

Just like it sounds....DOE PATROL!  Enjoy as 5 archery does hit the dirt...all of them were Self-Filmed!   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JDVKbJdFXH0

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OD Episode #7 – “On A String”

Outdoor Devotion's own Casey Jordan....with his first 2015 bow buck.....and a dandy at that!  Watch as Casey self-films a great hunt in Southeast Michigan.  This buck heard Casey's grunts....and comes on a string into bow range.   https://youtu.be/oTOVoY3SO-Y

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