OD Episode #6 – Are You Kidding Me?

Back in the tree with OD's Casey Jordan.....2 days after filling his 1st MI buck tag of 2015. Guess what...this hunt is awesome! Be sure to check out the Outdoor Devotion Facebook for some more photos of this buck. https://youtu.be/yV-vWR7LrMk  

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Debut Episode – Field Producers Making The Cut – Episode 1 (10/4/15)

This isn't your normal hunting show.  This show showcases different teams of Michigan hunters who film, edit & produce their own hunting videos.  Each week's show will feature 3 "team segments" and 1 "educational segment". Also on the show's Facebook page... we are going to have in-the-field updates of deer activity in our hunting areas. [...]

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OD Episode #5 – Matt Wade’s 2015 UP Bear Hunt

After years of waiting...Matt finally drew his MI bear tag! Watch as he self-films his own hunt in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  Congrats again Matt! https://youtu.be/Q_JN7Bc6CVY

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OD Episode #4 – West MI Public Land w/Dustin Shrum (8 point)

Tag along with Dustin as he jumps in the boat and motors to some secluded public land here in MI.  Think he gets it done with his bow on a nice 8 point?  Take a look to find out! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P-xP_N8pBdc Be sure to check out our other hunts on the site or on YouTube..... As [...]

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OD Hit List – 2015

26 days, 10 hours & 47 minutes 'til the sun rises on October 1.  Opening day in Michigan for the long anticipated 2015 bow season.  To say we are excited...is a true understatement. As many of you whitetail addicts may know, roughly 50% of bucks do not summer in the same place they hang out [...]

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Kill Plots & Micro Plots with Hand Tools by Outdoor Devotion

  https://youtu.be/YHqASsv4vro This video shows how we at OD put in "Kill Plots" or "Micro Food Plots" way back in the timber with nothing but hand tools.  These kill plots can be dynamite when placed strategically.... to catch a mature buck during shooting hours.  All of this is done without any farming equipment.  We are [...]

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Outdoor Devotion Friend Nick Coheley Tags Giant Bear on his Birthday – Self-Filmed with Archery Equipment

Outdoor Devotion's friend Nick Coheley tagged a giant bear on his birthday this Spring, in Manitoba 2015.  The boar weighed roughly 450lbs and was self-filmed by Nick, and taken with archery equipment.  We are proud to share it here on OD.  Congrats again Nick!!  Stud of a bear.  #outdoordevotion #pulseoutdoorproduction   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u_p63egeLgs

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Michigan Morel Hunting

Here we are in the beginning of May, and it is just beautiful outside.  Along with this long awaited weather, food plot preparation, trout season and Spring turkey hunting, a delectable treat can be found in the woods.  The elusive Morel mushroom is starting to show itself. A few of our friends and team members have [...]

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OD Episode #3 – Never Say Never (Michigan Public Land 9 Point)

Watch as team member Kyle Happley has a great encounter with 2 MI PUBLIC LAND Studs on October 2nd, right at the base of his tree! Talk about great scouting and stand placement. All of this after having his steps stolen on opening day. He overcame and brought one of these big boys home... Never [...]

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2014 Muzzleloader Doe in Michigan

Outdoor-Devotion.com's friend Nick Coheley self-films his December 2014 Muzzleloader Doe kill.  Great job Nick!  You can see more of Nick at Huntfitter.com.  Check out and "Like" their Facebook page too! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-kZ_b6Itsno

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Awesome Self-filmed Michigan 8 Point Bow Hunt / MI Out-of-Doors Episode #1446

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TES_y_N-FoA It was October 10th, 2014.  Opening morning of Duck Season here in Michigan, and it seemed to be a perfect wind for my spot in Fowlerville.  I woke up at 515 AM, and headed out.  About 45 minutes later, I was all setup in the tree.  These first few hunts every year always seem like they take forever to [...]

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Casey snort wheezes a GIANT Southern Ohio Buck into Bow Range Followed by a Heart Shot!

Team member Casey Jordan arrowed his largest buck to date just a few days back on November 9th!  He also was able to capture it all on film, by himself!  Snort wheeze to heart shot....enough talking, check out the video here at Outdoor-Devotion.com https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hn53Vy2wdb8    

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Daughter’s First Bow Hunt for Deer & Her Reaction

This is the best reaction we have seen in a long time!  Great video, and nice job Dad!  You are doing it right. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wBvWLVBXQ7g  

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