26 days, 10 hours & 47 minutes ’til the sun rises on October 1.  Opening day in Michigan for the long anticipated 2015 bow season.  To say we are excited…is a true understatement.

As many of you whitetail addicts may know, roughly 50% of bucks do not summer in the same place they hang out when Fall arrives. With this in mind, we don’t plan our hunts around Summer trail cam pics…we just know these bucks are “around”.

Now the other 50%…..we hope the remaining 50% consists of these guys.




Pitchfork - We have 8 pictures of this buck, in two different spots on the farm.  Only showing up once at each spot. We think we know where he beds, but it is very hard to get close without being detected.  He is a stud!

WGI_0025 WGI_0026 IMAG0191


Pretty Boy - This buck has been very visible all Summer.  We have multiple videos and even more pictures.  Just a very pretty 8.

WGI_0406 WGI_0404


Tweener – This is a newer buck and only captured once.  He is right between and 9 & 10 point and might end up as a 10.  He runs the same farm with Pitchfork, making this a even better area to watch.

IMAG0187 IMAG0190IMAG0203 IMAG0205


12 Pack - We first saw this buck very early, and he had some shorter tines, but 10 of them.  The most recent picture of him shows even more.  11…possibly 12.  He is highly sought after.

WGI_0664 WGI_0663 WGI_0662 11 point


Stubby – A nice 8 point with little stubby brows we have pictures of.  We have seen him a couple times and a friend glasses him in velvet.  We think this buck is kill-able.

WGI_0035 WGI_0005WGI_0037 WGI_0040


Here are a few more bucks we wouldn’t mind getting a look at from the stand!  Excuse the dates on the Moultrie – they are wrong.

331 344 348 349 cohacta 9-1-15 283 WGI_0522WGI_0526 WGI_0530




This year we are doing things different.  We have a couple cams out in Southern Ohio, but just put them out.  Instead of multiple Summer scouting trips down there to check cams this year, we will be focusing our time on hunting.  In the meantime, we received 1 pic from the land owner.  A couple studs.



There are also 3 bucks we hope made it through the year at our Ohio farm.  You can see them on our Trail Camera Page.  http://outdoor-devotion.com/trail-camera-pictures/  

The Big 10, Crabby 10 and the Freak we know did not get shot.

Well thanks for checking out the 2015 Hit List for Outdoor Devotion.  Follow along this year as we chase these bucks this Fall!

As always, thank you for reading!