This video shows how we at OD put in “Kill Plots” or “Micro Food Plots” way back in the timber with nothing but hand tools.  These kill plots can be dynamite when placed strategically…. to catch a mature buck during shooting hours.  All of this is done without any farming equipment.  We are no food plot experts, but hope this video helps someone else get a shot at a mature buck!

If you have time – go in ahead of time(1-2 weeks) and spray existing vegetation with Roundup or Gly.  Sometimes this step needs repeating.

The seeds I used were from – Scott at Boneyard is very helpful in recommending what and where to use each specific blend.  He created a custom order of seeds for these shady plots.

Here are a few pictures after 1 week and 2 very minor storms.  You can see the oats and turnips already sprouting and showing some growth.





Here are some more shots while standing a little further back.





Any questions?  Feel free to post them either here or on our Facebook.

As always, thank you for watching!