Kyle’s Season

Here in our newest web show we take a look at Kyle Happley's deer season.  Kyle passes some good Michigan bucks and puts some backstraps on the ground.  Overall a successful season in our eyes.  [...]

Chasing 200″

  At a young age, I became infatuated with the Whitetail Deer.  No rhyme or reasoning why.  My father had hunted some when I was younger, but his bow hunting career was short lived after [...]

Mark Drury Mapping Out a New Farm

The Drurys put out a great new video on DOD TV yesterday.  If you are anything like me, this gets you going.  Mark Drury purchases a new 120 acre Missouri farm, and documents his habitat plan [...]

First Elk – Montana 6 x 7

My Elk Hunting Story So we finally get to Montana.  Each day, my friend Todd and I hike from 5700 to 8400 feet to get top of the Mountain.  We were seeing lots of elk [...]

2 BUCKS, 1 DAY – Friday, the 13th

I took a few hours off work the morning of Friday the 13th, to hunt a small wood lot behind a friend’s relative’s house.  The only deer I saw was at 9am, which was a [...]

BBD – Brian Sitka’s 2017 Giant MI Bow Buck

It was the evening of Friday the 13th, and I contemplated even going hunting because it was so warm out, but like I've heard a million times... "you can't shoot them on the couch!" So [...]

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