First Elk – Montana 6 x 7

My Elk Hunting Story So we finally get to Montana.  Each day, my friend Todd and I hike from 5700 to 8400 feet to get top of the Mountain.  We were seeing lots of elk [...]

2 BUCKS, 1 DAY – Friday, the 13th

I took a few hours off work the morning of Friday the 13th, to hunt a small wood lot behind a friend’s relative’s house.  The only deer I saw was at 9am, which was a [...]

BBD – Brian Sitka’s 2017 Giant MI Bow Buck

It was the evening of Friday the 13th, and I contemplated even going hunting because it was so warm out, but like I've heard a million times... "you can't shoot them on the couch!" So [...]

To Doe or not to Doe?

This question seems to present itself around this time every year, between you and your hunting buddies.  We try to analyze the buck to doe ratio on our properties and develop a management strategy for [...]

Food Plot Screening for Access and Security

Better late than never I guess?  I hope so.  This was my first year putting in a "screen", and I was late getting it planted.  July 28th is when I finally got it in....about 30 [...]

Steelhead Fishing Video – Huge Hen!

Dustin Shrum is after some more CHROME!  It is late March in West Michigan with we are with friends Aaron and Jesse.  Dustin lands his largest hen to date in this video.  Orange trout beads [...]

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