Steelhead Fishing Video – Huge Hen!

Dustin Shrum is after some more CHROME!  It is late March in West Michigan with we are with friends Aaron and Jesse.  Dustin lands his largest hen to date in this video.  Orange trout beads [...]

Spring Steelhead

Join us today in West Michigan as we chase some CHROME!     Please "Subscribe" on Youtube for more videos! Let's just say March was good to us!  Grabbed the camera and jumped in the [...]

New Hats!

Check out the new hats that just arrived!   Find them here:

Pike Spearing in Michigan

I have been talking about it for years.  Watched as many online videos, and Michigan Out of Doors episodes, as I could find.  Drew up the plans in my mind.  Even got some gear from my [...]

Outdoor Devotion featured on Whitetail Rendezvous Podcast at ATA Show 2017

During the national ATA Show (Archery Trade Association) this month, Jared met up with Bruce Hutcheon of the Whitetail Rendezvous Podcast.  Bruce and Jared sat down and had a great discussion on the show, self-filming, [...]

Ice Fishing for Monster Pike

Drew Van Hees from Outdoor Devotion and his two buddies Corey and Tyler.....LIMITING OUT on Northern Pike! These boys caught some giant pike. Poor man's lobster is what we call it here at OD.  Great eating! [...]

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