HABITAT PODCAST – OD’s new podcast

The owners of Outdoor Devotion just recently launched a podcast that focuses on "Becoming Better Habitat Managers". Head on over to HABITAT PODCAST.com and be sure to subscribe on Itunes!  --> Itunes Here you will hear the OD [...]

BUCK FEVER SYNTHETICS – New Outdoor Devotion Partner

The team at Outdoor Devotion is proud to announce that Buck Fever Synthetics has officially signed on with OD. "I have been using Jim's products since 2017.  They really work.  Mock scrapes haven't worked very [...]

Keeping Clover Food Plot Clean & Weed Free

In this video Jordan explains how he treats his existing clover plots.  He uses a grass specific herbicide.  This method should kill all but the clover, keeping a nice green stand of vegetation.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YljMkjoWhWo&t=7s [...]

Proposing New Michigan Deer Hunting Regulations

Possible new Michigan deer hunting regulations?  The Let Em Go - Let Em Grow movement has issued a new proposal today, which could do a few great things for our state. "These regulations are designed [...]


https://youtu.be/bcninHAm778 How to shed hunt for deer ? Jordan Hanks gives us a few tips in this informational video from February 2018. Jordan shows us where we should be walking, stomping and looking for big [...]


Check out this fun weekend with the boys up at Houghton Lake, MI!  We targeted Northern Pike mainly, with some panfish on the side.   https://youtu.be/uQhJyh28v60    

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