Why We Manage Wildlife Habitat – Habitat Podcast #31

Listen Here-->  https://bit.ly/2ELpehs I feel the need to share this episode we recorded with Erich Long.  Erich is the owner of Drumming Log Wildlife Management, and offers his perspective during this episode.  What a great discussion on managing for more than just deer.  Remember, it is more than just big bucks and sexy food plots - [...]

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4 BUCKS, 1 SCRAPE with Buck Fever Synthetics

Outdoor Devotion's Brian Sitka puts out his Buck Fever Pre/Post Rut and Forehead Gland formula on September 29th.  Making a mock scrape with these 2 products is a deadly tactic. We strategically place these mock scrapes withing bow range of tree stand setups.  Check out the time stamp on the pictures and see why.  We [...]

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    Listen HERE In this episode we do something a little different.  We cover PHEASANTS.  Upland Bird Habitat has always been good deer habitat, and now we know why. Topics: Pheasant Habitat, Prescribed Fire, C.R.P. Program, 3 Types of Pheasant Cover, Upland Habitat vs. Deer Habitat, History of MI Pheasant, Killing Big MI Bucks. [...]

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HABITAT PODCAST – OD’s new podcast

The owners of Outdoor Devotion just recently launched a podcast that focuses on "Becoming Better Habitat Managers". Head on over to HABITAT PODCAST.com and be sure to subscribe on Itunes!  --> Itunes Here you will hear the OD guys talk about land management and hunting. The Habitat Podcast is a podcast for land and wildlife habitat managers, and [...]

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BUCK FEVER SYNTHETICS – New Outdoor Devotion Partner

The team at Outdoor Devotion is proud to announce that Buck Fever Synthetics has officially signed on with OD. "I have been using Jim's products since 2017.  They really work.  Mock scrapes haven't worked very well for me in the past, but after my 2017 results, I am all in.  It's all about the synthetic [...]

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Keeping Clover Food Plot Clean & Weed Free

In this video Jordan explains how he treats his existing clover plots.  He uses a grass specific herbicide.  This method should kill all but the clover, keeping a nice green stand of vegetation.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YljMkjoWhWo&t=7s

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Proposing New Michigan Deer Hunting Regulations

Possible new Michigan deer hunting regulations?  The Let Em Go - Let Em Grow movement has issued a new proposal today, which could do a few great things for our state. "These regulations are designed to reduce overall herd numbers where necessary, increase license revenues to the Department, keep hunters engaged and participating, streamline regulations [...]

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https://youtu.be/bcninHAm778 How to shed hunt for deer ? Jordan Hanks gives us a few tips in this informational video from February 2018. Jordan shows us where we should be walking, stomping and looking for big buck sheds. He lists a couple tips that would help any whitetail shed hunter.  

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Check out this fun weekend with the boys up at Houghton Lake, MI!  We targeted Northern Pike mainly, with some panfish on the side.   https://youtu.be/uQhJyh28v60    

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Kyle’s Season

Here in our newest web show we take a look at Kyle Happley's deer season.  Kyle passes some good Michigan bucks and puts some backstraps on the ground.  Overall a successful season in our eyes.  Tag a long and come back to deer season with us here at Outdoor Devotion. https://youtu.be/6y_WOB3XOxw

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Chasing 200″

  At a young age, I became infatuated with the Whitetail Deer.  No rhyme or reasoning why.  My father had hunted some when I was younger, but his bow hunting career was short lived after a tree stand accident.  While growing up with this obsession, I can remember the first time I watched a filmed whitetail [...]

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Mark Drury Mapping Out a New Farm

The Drurys put out a great new video on DOD TV yesterday.  If you are anything like me, this gets you going.  Mark Drury purchases a new 120 acre Missouri farm, and documents his habitat plan and improvements.  The goal, like most of us, is mature deer and turkeys frequenting the farm during hunting season. This [...]

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First Elk – Montana 6 x 7

My Elk Hunting Story So we finally get to Montana.  Each day, my friend Todd and I hike from 5700 to 8400 feet to get top of the Mountain.  We were seeing lots of elk sign so we decide to do a morning set up up top, waiting for the elk to come through the [...]

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2 BUCKS, 1 DAY – Friday, the 13th

I took a few hours off work the morning of Friday the 13th, to hunt a small wood lot behind a friend’s relative’s house.  The only deer I saw was at 9am, which was a basket 8 pt.  Without hesitation, I took the shot he presented, and did my dance.  From the stand I knew shot was [...]

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BBD – Brian Sitka’s 2017 Giant MI Bow Buck

It was the evening of Friday the 13th, and I contemplated even going hunting because it was so warm out, but like I've heard a million times... "you can't shoot them on the couch!" So I grabbed my Mathews bow and went and sat in an elevated blind out behind my home, where I have good bucks [...]

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To Doe or not to Doe?

This question seems to present itself around this time every year, between you and your hunting buddies.  We try to analyze the buck to doe ratio on our properties and develop a management strategy for the season.  At a high level, increased ratios in an area can lead to a few problems.  The most prominent [...]

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Food Plot Screening for Access and Security

Better late than never I guess?  I hope so.  This was my first year putting in a "screen", and I was late getting it planted.  July 28th is when I finally got it in....about 30 days later than I wanted to. What is a screen?  A screen is a mix of annual seeds that can [...]

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Steelhead Fishing Video – Huge Hen!

Dustin Shrum is after some more CHROME!  It is late March in West Michigan with we are with friends Aaron and Jesse.  Dustin lands his largest hen to date in this video.  Orange trout beads again today. Please SUBSCRIBE for our latest videos!  Thank you for watching.  #outdoordevotion https://youtu.be/QLON1McX5d4

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Spring Steelhead

Join us today in West Michigan as we chase some CHROME!     Please "Subscribe" on Youtube for more videos! Let's just say March was good to us!  Grabbed the camera and jumped in the boat with my friends Mike and Chad.  We ended up going 6 for 11 that day....which is a great day [...]

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New Hats!

Check out the new hats that just arrived!   Find them here:   http://outdoor-devotion.com/store/od-gear/

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