Why We Manage Wildlife Habitat – Habitat Podcast #31

Listen Here-->  https://bit.ly/2ELpehs I feel the need to share this episode we recorded with Erich Long.  Erich is the owner of Drumming Log Wildlife Management, and offers his perspective during this episode.  What a great discussion on managing for more than just deer.  Remember, it is more than just big bucks and sexy food plots - [...]

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    Listen HERE In this episode we do something a little different.  We cover PHEASANTS.  Upland Bird Habitat has always been good deer habitat, and now we know why. Topics: Pheasant Habitat, Prescribed Fire, C.R.P. Program, 3 Types of Pheasant Cover, Upland Habitat vs. Deer Habitat, History of MI Pheasant, Killing Big MI Bucks. [...]

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HABITAT PODCAST – OD’s new podcast

The owners of Outdoor Devotion just recently launched a podcast that focuses on "Becoming Better Habitat Managers". Head on over to HABITAT PODCAST.com and be sure to subscribe on Itunes!  --> Itunes Here you will hear the OD guys talk about land management and hunting. The Habitat Podcast is a podcast for land and wildlife habitat managers, and [...]

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