Trail cameras always make my decision easier.  We (myself and Ron Shoebridge) pulled in our farm in southern Ohio on Wednesday December 15th, with a blistering 5 degree cold front arriving about the same time.  The first thing on our list (after getting the furnace going in the camper) was to rebait and check the trail cameras.

Boom – a lot of new pics (thanks to my nephew Casey Jordan for baiting our spots weeks before).  My decision was made easier to hunt the ladder stand because of several mature bucks showing up camera at that particular location.



The week made its’ way to Sunday afternoon and I settled in for an awesome evening hunt…..and guess what….the first deer to show up just happened to be the big ten.  Thankfully, I had enough time to calm my nerves and and settle in for the shot.  I steadied my CVA and put the crosshairs just behind the shoulder and slowly squeezed the trigger.

With no wind, the smoke just hung there!  This completely  blocked my view of the direction of the bucks departure, and with the emotions flowing I couldn’t stand it any longer.  I made the decision to get down, and went to the place of impact – finding a good chunk of hair and a awesome blood trail from my light field sabot.

After a 70 yard track job I came across my trophy, a beautiful main frame 10 point. I have hunted hard and have hunted far from home once again this Fall.




It’s always worth the time and work just to be in the woods, but feels best when the plan finally comes together for a harvest.  This plan is proof that the use of trail cameras can be one of the most valuable & deadly tools in you’re hunting arsenal…if used wisely.

Thank you for reading!