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I'm a happy husband and father to my wife and twin girls. I'm also obsessed with the outdoors! I mainly like to chase mature whitetails with my stick and string...but fishing, turkeys & boating keep me busy too.

Pike Spearing in Michigan

I have been talking about it for years.  Watched as many online videos, and Michigan Out of Doors episodes, as I could find.  Drew up the plans in my mind.  Even got some gear from my Dad.  I had the bug, but had never actually been Pike Spearing. Well 2017 on the ice was going to [...]

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Outdoor Devotion featured on Whitetail Rendezvous Podcast at ATA Show 2017

During the national ATA Show (Archery Trade Association) this month, Jared met up with Bruce Hutcheon of the Whitetail Rendezvous Podcast.  Bruce and Jared sat down and had a great discussion on the show, self-filming, what it means to film your hunt and how Outdoor Devotion was born.  Jared also told the story of his 2016 [...]

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Ice Fishing for Monster Pike

Drew Van Hees from Outdoor Devotion and his two buddies Corey and Tyler.....LIMITING OUT on Northern Pike! These boys caught some giant pike. Poor man's lobster is what we call it here at OD.  Great eating! They caught them on tip-ups using shiners in 30 FOW.  Jigging was also a technique they tried, but it did [...]

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Late Season Success – Tim’s Ohio 10

Trail cameras always make my decision easier.  We (myself and Ron Shoebridge) pulled in our farm in southern Ohio on Wednesday December 15th, with a blistering 5 degree cold front arriving about the same time.  The first thing on our list (after getting the furnace going in the camper) was to rebait and check the [...]

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Teaser – Chapter 3 – Outdoor Devotion

The season is 2/3's done and we have some great footage. Stay tuned!  Thank you very much for watching and supporting OD.   https://youtu.be/kBJlKxAG0pE

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Ohio Rut Hunt – Jared’s Bow Buck

THE RUT IS HERE!   Well the rut is, or almost is upon us, depending on who you ask.  Let's take a look back, to get fired up for this November.  Here is a video from November 8, 2015.  Jared Van Hees of Outdoor Devotion grunts in a great buck during his final morning hunt [...]

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Early Season 8 Point – Drew Connects On His Biggest Buck Yet

                                                      So about a week earlier, I got permission from a land owner to hunt his property in Mount Pleasant, MI...where I go to school.  That same day he drove me around, [...]

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OD Episode # 11 – That Happened Quick

Tag along with Rob Morrison as he tags an early season Michigan buck!  He shot this beautiful buck on October 2nd, 2016. Way to make it look easy Rob.  Congrats on the beautiful buck. Thanks for watching. Watch more hunts at www.Outdoor-Devotion.com https://youtu.be/l_qNH1bjoH8

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Food Plot with ATV Disc – Killer Food Plots

Watch to see how we used a simple small disc behind our 2wd ATV this past Labor Day weekend. We planted Killer Food Plots "Resurrection Clover" and "Deep Woods" on this particular farm. It didn't take long at all plant these plots....and was fairly simple. Visit http://www.killerfoodplots.com/ for all your food plot needs. Tell them Outdoor [...]

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Michigan 8 Point – Eric McKay Strikes Fast!

Read Eric's story below.  Congrats again brother - great Michigan 8 point!!!       "So I had this buck on my trail camera at 7:30 the day before opening day.  I knew he was coming in at somewhat close to the same time, so I went out opening morning.  I don't normally hunt this [...]

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Bucks – Public Land Inventory – Matt Wade

If you haven't heard about the "Northwest 13" counties in the current Northern MI APR zone, you should check them out....like now.  Here is a great spot to start. http://www.michigan.gov/dnr/0,4570,7-153-10363_10856_10905-317527--,00.html http://www.michigan.gov/documents/dnr/deer_apr_chart_469528_7.pdf These counties currently have mandatory antler point restrictions, giving the bucks a chance to grow up some.  Hunters have mixed feelings about other people [...]

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New WEB-STORE Launched

Been waiting for a sweet looking T-shirt?  Well they're finally here.  (Menu in the upper left corner) Outdoor Devotion's EAT SLEEP HUNT shirts can be found by following the link below or by navigating through the menu in the upper left corner.  Check out the decals as well! http://outdoor-devotion.com/store/

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KILLER FOOD PLOTS – Newest Proud Partner of Outdoor Devotion

  Hey Guys - We are very excited today to tell you about our newest partner:  Killer Food Plots Here at Outdoor Devotion, we do not promote products that we do not believe in....simple as that.  I now personally know the owner, Nick Percy, and can say that "passion" is the first word that comes [...]

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Velvet Update

Here are a couple bucks on a MI new farm we picked up.  I checked these cameras right after the 4th of July, and right before a thunder storm.  These cameras sat for 5 weeks. Enjoy!  This gets me PUMPED for bow season.   Check out our hunts this Fall with Field Producers - Making The [...]

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Opening Day Michigan Buck – Public Land – OD Episode #9

Jared Van Hees from Outdoor Devotion fills his 1st 2015 Michigan buck tag on a great Montmorency County public land buck. This was self-filmed by Jared on opening day. (November 15, 2015) Thanks for watching! See more great hunts here at www.Outdoor-Devotion.com https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6cV5C-gNH1s

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OD Episode #8 – Doe Patrol

Just like it sounds....DOE PATROL!  Enjoy as 5 archery does hit the dirt...all of them were Self-Filmed!   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JDVKbJdFXH0

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OD Episode #7 – “On A String”

Outdoor Devotion's own Casey Jordan....with his first 2015 bow buck.....and a dandy at that!  Watch as Casey self-films a great hunt in Southeast Michigan.  This buck heard Casey's grunts....and comes on a string into bow range.   https://youtu.be/oTOVoY3SO-Y

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OD Episode #6 – Are You Kidding Me?

Back in the tree with OD's Casey Jordan.....2 days after filling his 1st MI buck tag of 2015. Guess what...this hunt is awesome! Be sure to check out the Outdoor Devotion Facebook for some more photos of this buck. https://youtu.be/yV-vWR7LrMk  

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Debut Episode – Field Producers Making The Cut – Episode 1 (10/4/15)

This isn't your normal hunting show.  This show showcases different teams of Michigan hunters who film, edit & produce their own hunting videos.  Each week's show will feature 3 "team segments" and 1 "educational segment". Also on the show's Facebook page... we are going to have in-the-field updates of deer activity in our hunting areas. [...]

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OD Episode #5 – Matt Wade’s 2015 UP Bear Hunt

After years of waiting...Matt finally drew his MI bear tag! Watch as he self-films his own hunt in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  Congrats again Matt! https://youtu.be/Q_JN7Bc6CVY

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