1210, 2016

OD Episode # 11 – That Happened Quick

Tag along with Rob Morrison as he tags an early season Michigan buck!  He shot this beautiful buck on October 2nd, 2016. Way to make it look easy Rob.  Congrats on the beautiful buck.

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1110, 2016

Food Plot with ATV Disc – Killer Food Plots

Watch to see how we used a simple small disc behind our 2wd ATV this past Labor Day weekend. We planted Killer Food Plots “Resurrection Clover” and “Deep Woods” on this particular farm. It didn’t take long at all plant these plots….and was fairly simple.

Visit http://www.killerfoodplots.com/ for all your food plot needs. Tell them Outdoor Devotion sent you!

Thanks for watching!


2808, 2016

Bucks – Public Land Inventory – Matt Wade

If you haven’t heard about the “Northwest 13″ counties in the current Northern MI APR zone, you should check them out….like now.  Here is a great spot to start.



These counties currently have mandatory antler point restrictions, giving the bucks a chance to grow up some.  Hunters have mixed feelings about other people telling them what they can/can’t harvest, but the proof is in the pudding!

Check out Matt’s trail cam video from Public Land none other than Osceola County Michigan!  Hard work can pay off.


1207, 2016

KILLER FOOD PLOTS – Newest Proud Partner of Outdoor Devotion

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Hey Guys – We are very excited today to tell you about our newest partner:  Killer Food Plots

Here at Outdoor Devotion, we do not promote products that we do not believe in….simple as that.  I now personally know the owner, Nick Percy, and can say that “passion” is the first word that comes to mind.  I think this tidbit from the Killer Food Plot website says it best.

“Killer Food Plots LLC is located in Coopersville, Michigan. We will travel to help you achieve your goals.  From the Ground Up, “We Work Your Dirt” to get you the best results.  No shortcuts allowed!  We live by “You Reap What You Sow!” Doing things right the first time gets you closer to that trophy Whitetail, while avoiding wasted time and money.  We want to develop a long term relationship built on trust and integrity while meeting your goals and objects…. that will outlast any food plot.”

Please contact Nick at KFP, and tell them Outdoor Devotion sent you.  I can honestly say, you will not regret it.


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